Join The Sailing Club for Free

 The aim of the  PWSC Sailing Club is to GO SAILING with other members, learn to race, weekend sailing rally and also private weekend trips, organized by the PWSC Club.  To qualify for joining the Phuket Water Sports Centre Sailing  Club for FREE  you need to have attended only a Yacht Crew or Zero To Hero Sailing Course. This ensures you know our boats and that you can join in safely with our activities.The idea is to form a Sailing Club that organizes itself and its members, direct weekend sailing club activities. We maintain boats, provide safety cover, put out race buoys and organise skippers or instructors where required.


The Sailing Club may choose to race with Phuket Yacht Club, once or twice a month and crews get together to rent a Platu for 1 or 2 sessions and enjoy a days racing. If the club decides to go sailing for a day perhaps they take a Trimaran and two Platus or perhaps just one boat - 'up to you'!  We just want you to be safe and communicate in advance so we can prepare the boats.  Over to you, check out our boats and prices and then Whats App us!  You can even pay online thru Paypal / credit card


Sailing Club Day Trip

Sail on an ocean going yacht with a delightful crew formed from the Sailing Club and take lots of toys for stopovers. Pack a picnic or eat ashore perhaps?  Check out a few local bays or just sail around the islands. Its all negotiable subject to weather or distance. Have fun and take a camera and a few beers in ice!/product-category/members-only-trips/


Trip to Ko Mai Thon?

The Platu is the perfect boat for a family or club outing. Check out the photo above. The family are three children and a very organized mum. They spent a lot of time with us doing half days! Its so much fun and even the 8 year old learned to sail. Talk to us if you need any support.


 Trimaran to the islands

PWSC run Platus and the Trimarans for nearby island trips, so call us and see if the sailing club are organizing one on the day you'd like to join?  We take up to 8 people and the cost is ridiculously inexpensive per head. The trip is so much fun and you'll probably do it again! Bring along a few beers or wine too if u like?

Ao Yon Sailing Club

Join now to experience the thrill of sailing in the company of great people from a perfect beach on the beautiful island of Phuket!