SIA Members Group

Once you have completed an ISSA Sailing Course with Sail in Asia you receive your ISSA course certification and you get FREE MEMBERSHIP of our club. The Members Club is designed for newly qualified recreational sailors who may want to sail with FRIENDS and or SIA Members. We aim to keep your skills up and to take you on some amazing Milecatchers and Weekend Sailing Trips. Some people may want to sail in the monthly Regatta run by PWSC. We can help you to get race experience or just Family Cruises.

 The aim of the members group is to enable you to seek out other members and organise your own sailing day out or Trip. We have a sessional rate of 1500THB per person and a minimum crew of 3 persons who can sail. You can REACH OUT to other members and get them to join you. Its not just our cruises or activity you join its YOUR TRIPS.  The training is fun, local islands can be visited, BBQs set up and Regattas can be planned and executed.  Oh and you can always paddle a Kayak or SUP in between sailing weekends, if you haven't got crew.





Members Racing at PYC

Sail on an ocean going yacht with a delightful skipper and lots of toys for making the boats go quick. Or perhaps you want a Platu to race on? Join the Phuket Yacht Club bi weekly racing.  All you need is a couple of good sailors and away you go.  Remember to be polite and don't hit another boat or it gets expensive! Talk to Mike to form a team.


Family Members Sailing

The Platu is the perfect boat for a family outing. Check out the photo above. The family are three children and a very organized mum. They spent a lot of time with us doing half days! Its so much fun and even the 8 year old learned to sail.  Dad eventually turned up and he too caught the bug.


Members Join In

The Platus and the Trimaran are available for Join in activities. You might want to Join In a short morning session in Ao Yon Bay or Sail around Ko Lon. Perhaps you'd like a whole day sailing to the islands of Ko Mai Thon or Ko Rang Yai.  If  you want to do this join the SIA Whats App Group and find out if  there's space for you?

Contact us and see what we are organizing on the day that you'd like to join. We take up to 8 passengers on the Trimaran and the cost is ridiculously inexpensive. Only 1500THB after discount.


Monthly Members Only  Trips

Once a month we organise the Members Only Trip on our ocean going vessels and our Trimaran.  Trips are one, two or three days in duration. The One and two day trips are easy to organise but we need a long weekend holiday for the tree day trip.


Beach BBQ

It's the perfect ending to the day in a tropical paradise. A Beach Barbecue for you and your family, your new girl friend or a bunch of mates who've been sailing or Dragon boating.  Those who love nature and would like to have a few beers or some wine as the sun sets can end the day appropriately -  while tucking into some great kebabs or tasty salads.

Sail in Asia -  The Water Sports Experts In Phuket

Our Day Trips can be run by most of our vessels and you will find that we have a range of yachts that covers most peoples budgets and expectations. The trips may include stop overs but usually only with Full Day Trips. The yachts have full safety equipment and qualified skippers and instructors so you can be sure that whatever equipment you use its SAFE!