Welcome to the Phuket Dragonboat Club

Join the Phuket Dragonboat club for free - become a member and enjoy the social and sports program at the weekend.  The club operates at Ao Yon Beach, generally at weekends but also during holidays.  The club is set up to promote the sport of dragon boating in Phuket.  Activities include training, island trips, river excursions, local regattas, beach bbq's, corporate teambuilding and a youth program.

The club is a non profit making aspect of the PWSC and is intended to get locals and expatriates out in boats having fun and improving their health and fitness. The club is run by the members. SIA has 6 boats so we can run events for up to 400 participants.


SIA -  Dragonboats In Phuket

Join the Dragonboat club its a Free Club within the PWSC and is a very good way to stay fit and to meet a wide range of interesting and fun people.  The club will start to run form August 29,30th 2020. We will organise a method of connecting individuals so we can establish the club and just go paddling and enjoy the social life too.