Phuket Water Sports Centre Program 2021

The Phuket Water Sports Centre arranges activities for members and guests on a quarterly basis. Check out the calendar below and see the range of activities.  Weekend Sailing Trips to Islands, Beach BBQ, Canoe Trips, Sailing in Flotillas, Yacht Racing and Training. Learn to Sail Courses, Dragonboating, SUP trips or rental and Diving courses and excursions are available to members too. The activities are those organized by SIA and PWSC members but other activities can or may also be happening too. Join in the fun if you like or organise your own day on the water.

March Events

▪ March 27th & 28th - Join In Sailing Sessions (1,500THB per session)

April Events

▪ April 3rd   Join In Activities (1,500THB) includes beverages

April 4th      Join In Sailing Sessions (1,500THB)

▪ April 10th  + Race Training in Platus for Members (2500THB) includes afternoon BBQ

▪ April 11th - Join in Activities (1,500THB per session)

▪ April 17th   Join in Activities(1,500THB) Trimaran Training for Members - Screecher and possibly Spinnaker (2000THB)

▪ April 18th   Join in Activities (1,500THB)

▪ April 24th   Join in Activities (1,500THB per session)

▪ April 25th   Learn to Race Magic & Piccolo - Spinnaker work (2,500THB per session)

May Events

▪ May 1st / 2nd -  Island trips for Members  - Weekend Rally to Ko Yao Yai - Platu Flotilla  (4500THB Members only)

▪ May 8th & 9th   Join In Activities (1,500THB) includes beverages

▪ May 15th   Join In sailing for Members (1500THB)

▪ May 16th    Race Training in Platus for Members (1500THB)

▪ May 22nd  - Join In Sailing Sessions (1,500THB per session)

▪ May 23rd - Join in Activities (1,500THB per session)

▪ May 29th+ May 30th ISLAND TRIP to Ko Yao Yai or Ko Racha (PWSC Members 4500THB) 

June Events

▪ June 5th -  Dragonboat Training and Regatta (600THB) includes BBQ - beverages sold or bring your own.

▪ June 15th & 16th  Join In Activities (1,500THB) includes beveragesLearn to Race Magic & Piccolo - Spinnaker work (2,500THB per session)

▪ June 22nd & 23rd  -  Island trips for Members  - Long Weekend Rally to Krabi - Platu Flotilla (4500THB Members only)

▪ June 29th  Join In Activities (1,500THB) includes beverages


The Big Boats

Our two Farr 1104s and our JOD 35 are used for the trips to outlying islands. They can carry 7 to 8 people and are a delight to sail, particularly if we can throw up a spinnaker  This involves all the crew and is fast and fun!



Most of our Dragon Boating takes place at Ao Yon because the bay is sheltered and the waves are small. These boats are big and take up to 16-22 Students. They require flat water and lots of sun. Schools enjoy regattas on the beach and a BBQ - talk to us if you only have a day to play - this could be one of the activities that you choose. Dragonboats are also used on our river and camping trips. If you are interested give us a call.


Learn to Race

Learn to Race on our Platus. The Course is designed to explain what a race is, the start, the first leg, rounding marks, teamwork, tactics and all in a low key fun environment. Everybody should Learn to Race by doing this course.  Go racing at PYC after the course ends!


Ao Yon - PWSC for Members

Ao Yon Beach Activities are so easy to access - just check out the 20/21 Events page.  Whether its a day trip or a Duke of Edinburgh Gold, Silver or Bronze adventurous journey you can be sure you will be with a training organization that is well organized and professional. From Risk Assessments, to SIA Safeguarding and Child Protection. You can be sure we have it covered! Families are welcome and we delight in finding something for every age and ability to do at Phuket's only professional water sports centre. Check the Events Program and see what you'd like to do?